Question: How do you decide when to make live content vs. recorded content?

When you’re creating content, how do you decide when to create recorded content and how do you decide when to do live content, like on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube?

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I don’t know if I know the answer to that. My strategy is not, ‘this is going to be live, this is not.” I’m just picking the channels I want to be in. I want to be active on Instagram, which is why I’m doing this show. This is our show to serve people on Instagram. I have other things in Facebook. But a lot of it is like taking a big load of crap and you throw it against a wall and then you look at it and you see what sticks and what falls off. Some stuff sticks and some stuff falls off. The stuff that sticks, you grab more of it and throw it on the wall.

So we do all sorts of stuff. We do Facebook Lives, we do recorded videos, we do this and that and throw it at the wall, because I don’t know what’s going to work. I don’t know what Zuckerburg is going to reward me for on Facebook. We just throw a bunch of crap out there and see what sticks. What works, gets traction and what doesn’t. When it does, we do more of it. When it doesn’t, we do less of it. So that’s kind of it.

Sometimes a lot of things work, sometimes nothing works. You don’t know. In fact, that’s why I tell everybody in Inner Circle and Two Comma Club the first thing you should do is a Facebook Live every single day. The reason why; you don’t know what’s going to stick. With Anthony Diclementi, when Biohacking Secrets launched, we said do a Facebook Live every single day. And he did it and nobody cared and nobody listened. But after the 10th or 11th Facebook Live was the one that hit. It got 4 or 5 hundred thousand views.

The next one bombed, and bombed and bombed, but the next one blew up. You don’t know. It’s just throwing crap against the wall and seeing what sticks and the stuff that sticks, do more of that. I wish there was a cleaner answer.

  • Chris Green

    Russell, thank you so much for answering my question.

    But I gotta come clean and and disagree with your answer. I think that there is definitely more of a strategy behind going LIVE and producing recorded content. Here’s my take:

    I think that if you’re going to go LIVE, you need to have a REASON (even a small one) to go LIVE. I see a lot of advantages to going LIVE. Let me explain:

    Going LIVE allows you to interact with your viewers and give shout-outs by name. This can mean a lot to people who look up to you.

    You can answer questions on-the-fly and show your knowledge and expertise without having to say, “I dunno, I’ll get back to you”. It helps you establish expertise and proof that you know what you’re talking about.

    Going LIVE gives your audience a peek into your world which can create context and build loyalty.

    You can use going LIVE as a way to produce content ONCE that you can then repurpose on YouTube, chop up into smaller segments (like what you’re doing on your show) for Facebook and Instagram, or rip the audio to take to iTunes, etc.

    Going LIVE can differentiate you in a time when not everyone is going LIVE (yet).

    BUT! Going LIVE means that your audience has to stop what they are doing and consume your content on YOUR schedule, not theirs. Not everyone can watch LIVE, even if they want to.

    Conversely, by producing recorded content, you are giving your audience something that they can consume on their own time and schedule. This can be greatly appreciated by your audience and fans. And if there was no reason or advantage to going LIVE, your audience may wonder why it was LIVE and not recorded in the first place.

    That’s my take on it at least. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I passed on your answer from this episode about increasing gym memberships to my wife who runs group fitness classes at the local gym. Genius stuff, man.

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