Question: During your Clickfunnels journey, what was your main source of inspiration that directed you to where you are today?

During your ClickFunnels journey, I’m sure you came to a lot of crossroads, felt lost and just trying to find direction. What was your main source of inspiration that directed you to where you currently are today?

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I think there’s different levels of motivation that come from different things. For me, part of my motivation is I’m a creator. I love creating stuff. So just knowing what we were creating got me motivated. We’re going to create something and we have a vision of what we wanted it to be. They always say that without a vision people perish.

The first thing is you have a vision of what it is that you want to create and what you want to do. I see that, I see the vision and know where we’re going. I try to make it as real as possible for me. When people are using this, what’s it going to mean? How’s it going to affect them? How is it going to change them and their lives and the people they serve?

I think that’s what drove a lot of us. Obviously some of the other things that drive you, as an entrepreneur or capitalist, is we like money. The thought of what could happen, that drove me. This could be something that sets us up for life. I also thought about potential, as we start building a team, employees and jobs, all the other cool stuff that comes with building it.

I think it’s just finding whatever gives you passion and fires you up. It’s figuring those things out and having a vision of where you want to go and what you want to create and do and go from there.

  • So, so cool bro! Way to think BIG!

  • Any chance we can get the link to the podcast? It wasn’t linked up in the post.

  • Yvonne Lines

    That track day looks pretty fun. Let me know when you’re giving away a motorcycle – I’ll promote for. (To my 1,000 followers)

  • Julia

    Hey Russel, I think this “look over your shoulder” through your journey is super cool, and hope you keep it going!! But in this post you reference things like “…I found a bunch of the direct mail letters we sent out to our Dream 100 before the contest. Here’s links to those…[batman suit pics, not letters]” and “I did a podcast recently explaining how to make money when everything in your funnel is free. Click here to listen to the podcast.[no link]”. I’m a bit disappointed to find that the referenced information isn’t linked. Can you please add/share?

  • I think it’s so cool how you built a funnel that is so spot on around a free+shipping product.

    Before I started following you I didn’t think it would be possible. Now on the other hand I see possibilities everywhere!

  • Fernando Arbex

    So cool this batman prize. Success to you.

  • Sébastien Le Marketeur Francai

    Hi Russell and team, the advertised links (to the sales letter and the podcast) are missing ! I hope you get a chance to see this and share the links. Thanks for your transparency and congrats on this amazing book launch !

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