Question: How do you build your audience?

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Fantastic question! A couple things:

Step #1: You must read this cool book called “Expert Secrets.” That book will teach you how to be prolific, how to share your message, how to find your voice, and how to not feel awkward.

Step #2: You gotta find a platform that you want to dominate. Don’t try to do twelve platforms at once like me. I’ve got an amazing team that makes this all possible. But when you’re starting out, just pick one. If you like doing videos, do Facebook Live. If you like writing, become a blogger. Pick one platform and start publishing every single day.

It’s going to take a while. At first, no one’s going to listen to you. But that’s okay because during that time you’ll have a chance to find your voice. As you’re finding your voice, you’re audience will start to grow. When you get better at sharing your message, the people will come. The search engines and algorithms pick up on this.

When I worked with Anthony DeClementi, he had two people on his fan page: me and his mom. Then started doing Facebook Lives. The first 12 bombed. Then he had one that crushed it and he got a million views from that.

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