Question: How can I scale my program when people are too embarrassed to share the topic?

I’m a naturopath who specializes in constipation… [I provide] an online program as well as a natural tea… How do I make this more scalable online? The problem with working with constipated folk is that they’re often embarrassed and too ashamed to talk about it. So to get people to share the love and spread the news about what I do is not easy.

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You may be surprised, but I actually have a lot of experience in this realm. One of our inner circle members is a specialist in this, and I had a chance recently to work with the Harmon Brothers who did the Poo-Pourri and Squatty Potty ads and they had the same problem. People don’t like to talk about poop. It’s kind of a scary thing.

If you go to, they are amazing, watch their videos because for them to get people to share poop, it had to be a funny and exciting and interesting thing. Sometimes we try to be too stuffy with our messages and then it’s not sharable.

In the Fill Your Funnel training we had Adam Lyons teaching us how to make viral videos. I asked him a similar question. “People watch my videos, but they aren’t getting shared, why not?” He said you have to think of the people who are sharing stuff. My problem is different but the answer is the same. If someone watches your videos, they don’t want to share because building a business is their thing and if they share it, their friends are going to do it and then it’s not as cool.

Adam is in the pick up chicks market. It’s the same thing. If you make a video to pick up chicks people don’t want to share it. So what Adam did was make a video with his 3 year old son, who he had taught 3 or 4 pick up lines to and took him to pick up 3 or 4 girls and posted it online as a 3 year old pick up artist. The video got 20 million views on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of views other places. It grew because it was a different angle.

So if I were to make a video showing kids making funnels, something different but sharable then it doesn’t take away from the person sharing it. If someone shares a squatty potty pooping commercial, it’s something that people will share that doesn’t necessarily reflect on them. What’s something that would be interesting to share but it’s not saying, “I have this problem, you guys should look into it too.” Because that’s uncomfortable for people to share. But if you could figure out a way to make videos and content that are interesting and intriguing that people want to share, but it’s not telling on the sharer, that they are doing it, then that is the answer.

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