Question: How can I design and publish a book?

Any information on writing your book? I know it took you a very long time. I know your marketing strategies with your videos you uploaded. But we would like some more information about publishing. How did you get that pretty book out without any words in it to get people excited? What are some processes that goes into actually developing the book (as opposed to writing or marketing)?

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There are a couple of ways to do a book as you probably know. Sometimes you can get a publisher, sometimes you can self publish, and there are a million different ways in between. First, how do we get the blank book? When we were trying to launch the book, we wanted to give all of our affiliates a copy it, but we didn’t have it done yet. So we went to Create Space, which is an Amazon service, and they let you do books and print them.

So we had a designer do the image, uploaded to Create Space, then we put in a whole bunch of blank pages, and ordered them. We ordered 100 or 200 and had them shipped here and then shipped them out.

As far as the publishing, it depends. If you work with a publisher, they’ll do a lot of those things for you. They’ll take it and they’ve got teams of people who do the formatting and design and things like that. We give them the manuscript and they go through and have an internal designer design everything and put it into the book and make the formatting work.

But books like 108 Split Tests, or 3 Core Funnels, those are done in house, self published. We had a designer design the cover; I wrote the book and had all the images. For me they were in a word document, and then we had someone on our team who is really good at InDesign, a software program, take all the stuff and then design the actual pages.

I don’t know if you can do that style of book in Create Space. But in Create Space you upload them and they print and ship them. But for these books we found a book printer. The problem with a book printer is you have to order a whole bunch of books. One company is, they print self published and you can order a dozen or 30 at a time and they turn them around in 48 hours, get them to you really quick. So there are a couple of printers like that. Just get some good designers, you can find ones that can do book stuff on Upwork, or Then you just upload to the printers and they do the rest. That’s the process.

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