Question: Is it always better to start building the backend of the funnel first? Or is it sometimes better to start with the front end to get an audience to work with first?

In “Expert Secrets,” it talks about how you want to building at the backend. So you build your highest value offer first and then move forward to your self liquidating offer at the frontend. Is that always the best case? It seems to me as I’ve been working that maybe it would be easier to start at the frontend, get an offer that could be self-liquidating… so that you could then just have a bunch of people to work with. Then even if you’re just breaking even at first, you get a lot of feedback and that critical mass could help you develop what you need to do later on… So it is always better to start at the backend of your funnel? Or is it sometimes better to start at the frontend and get a bunch of people to work with?

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I’m a believer in starting at the backend. The reason why most entrepreneurs don’t succeed is not because they don’t have the vision, it’s because they have the vision and start running and they either run out of time or money before they ever get to the answer. They don’t have the chance and ability to change people’s lives and do all the things they want and need to do.

It’s hard when you spend all this time and energy and effort. It takes just as much time, if not more to make a frontend product. Actually I think it’s harder to make frontend stuff than it is to make backend high ticket stuff. The problem is you spend all this time, energy and effort building this frontend thing with a goal of breaking even. It’s a good goal, but the problem is where do you put them to next?

I always say with the first funnel you build is you build it and keep tweaking it and working it out until it’s made you at least a million bucks. The problem is if the first one is a frontend funnel and you make a million bucks, you broke even and you don’t actually make anything. It can be disheartening for an entrepreneur to make a million dollars and be broke.

I think it’s better to start with the backend, maybe you don’t work with as many people, but you can work more intimately. And you can get cash flow coming in faster and when the backend is in place, you can work frontend to bring people into the backend. So that’s my personal feeling. I just know as an entrepreneur, I don’t want people running out of time and money before they have the ability to actually change people’s lives. That’s my feelings and I think it works.

That’s my answer, start with the back, blow people’s minds, get results first, and then from that you can build out the frontend program.

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